Carlisle Core Fitness & Health

Carlisle Core is Bridging the Gap Between the Healthcare and Fitness Industries

Our vision: Health in the community for everyone.

Our mission is to meet people where they are to get them to where they want to be by providing professional fitness and health guidance, programming, direction, accountability and support so they can enhance their physical freedom and live the active life they want and deserve. 

Carlisle Core Fitness & Health is an innovator in the Cumberland County area. We are a strength and conditioning facility that focuses on bridging the gap between fitness and healthcare. We differentiate our services by developing a personalized plan for each individual, addressing their unique needs and goals.

Our professionals utilize assessments to collect data that form the basis of each person’s training program. We meet regularly with our clients to measure their progress, reassess goals and adjust their program accordingly.

Our focus is the individual. Your goals, your fitness level, your limitations, your discomfort. We want to help you regain your active life, move well again, increase your overall physical and mental health and help you get to where you want to be. We don’t do quick fixes, gimmicks, or false promises. Our Initial consultation establishes where you want to go. Our assessment shows us where you are. Then, we can give you what you need. Our professional coaches and our members value hard work, healthy lifestyles, real solutions.

If you have been told you will never [fill in the blank…run, lift, squat, climb, etc.] again but you love doing the things that require you to run, lift, squat, climb or perform any other basic functional movement, you might be a perfect fit for one of our specialized training programs. We don’t believe that not moving is the right answer. We believe that moving correctly, with the correct support from a professional standing next to you every step of the way is the right way to getting back to doing the things you love to do.  

Our coaching team has the experience to keep you safe, the knowledge to rebuild your confidence, and the tenacity to push you to expand your limits and ensure you get the best results you possibly can.

Carlisle Core Fitness and Health is a fully licensed Functional Fitness Affiliate and is owned and operated by Deus Ex Machina Fitness and Wellness. Our box is located in the beautiful city of Carlisle at 810 N. Hannover Street. We are a 6,000 square foot facility completely equipped with the best Functional Fitness equipment needed to get you in the best shape of your life. We have a 48 foot free standing Rig with Pull-up Bars and Olympic Rings, Concept 2 Rowers, Bumper Plates, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Plyo Boxes, and so much more! A separate room houses our Rock Steady boxing equipment and a smaller 12 foot free standing rig for more private personal training.

Why Carlisle Core Fitness and Health?

Because we are more than a gym. We are more than a space with equipment. We are more than a big box corporation who doesn’t really want you to work out and is only after your membership. We are a family of like-minded, powerful and motivated individuals who know that the “Box” isn’t just a place to workout. It’s a place to make yourself better; better than you were…better than you are. We love our community and work with multiple health and wellness organizations within Carlisle and the region to train local kids and athletes diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. We give back.

We pride ourselves on having the best trained coaching staff in the Central Pennsylvania area and are associated with Active Life Professional. We spend our money training and paying our coaching staff. Our coaches don’t have second jobs. This is their profession and unlike many places you will find in our area, we make sure they earn a living wage. We also pay our staff to attend certifications and training every year. We invest in our staff so they can invest in you.

Carlisle Core Fitness and Health is YOUR place to be who you want to be, with the best Functional Fitness community in the Central Pennsylvania area. We are waiting for you to decide that now is the time. Now is the time to be fit. Now is the time to be strong. Now is the time to be what you are meant to be.


Angi Halvorson


Maria Bruno

Director of Programming, Fitness Professional

Tyra Hosfelt

Director of Marketing & Sales/Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer

Jon Montag

Lead Fitness Professional/Director of Member Experience

Pat Bramer

Director, Rock Steady Boxing

Jordan Padua

Youth Program Director

Jeremy Fahnestock

Fitness Professional-Adult & Youth

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