Jordan Padua

Youth Program Director


HOW long have you been coaching at CCFH?
Fall of 2022
WHAT does fitness mean to you?
Fitness to me means just being active and making healthy decisions to help positively benefit your life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weather it’s going to the gym for a hour, taking a 15 minute walk or a yoga class. I believe it is important to just stay moving.
WHY did you become a fitness professional?
I want to help people not change just appearance but outlook on living a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about looking the best but about feeling your best. After going on my own fitness journey and discovering a love for health and fitness that I didn’t know I had, I wanted to help and inspire others in the way that I was. I believe that that starts with kids–we have to teach our future generations about fitness, healthy lifestyles and the importance of physical activity.
WHAT are your favorite things to do outside of the gym?
Outside of the gym I love spending time with my family and kids. I like hiking in the summer  and going snowboarding in the winter.
WHAT makes you happiest when working with members?
I love seeing members achieve their goals and watching everyone help motivate, encourage and cheer for one another.
Position and qualifications
  • Youth program director and coach
  • Tae Kwon Do Coach for kids
  • Former elementary school health assistant